Hi, there.

This is Winni, UX/UI designer with 4 years working experience in a wide range of business including E-commerce, finance and HCM. I am currently in the process of building my website and the details of the projects are coming soon. If you want to have a glance at all my previous works, please download the pdf version below. Meanwhile I'll also share my thoughts on UX and life style randomly with blog as well.



享道出行, 2018




Securitization Modeling and Management System

PwC SDC, 2017-2018

As the individual designer, I helped to introduce the idea of usability into the transformation process of an expert system from desktop version to a web application.

This solution targets different user parties and their responsibilities in the life cycle of securitization.

Talent Exchange
Onboarding Flow Enhance
PwC SDC, 2016

With the growing number of users, how to improve the quality of the profile in the Talent Exchange becomes a critical problem.

My responsibility was to discover the pain points buried in the journey when new user first came to the website, and provide a potential solution to it.

Restaurant Server Rater
Design Exercise, 2017

This is a design concept to assist restaurant owners and employers in China to improve service quality in stores.

With the big picture that the dining industry in China is embracing the new era of e-commerce, this may be a great opportunity to resolve the long-lasting issue in a new way.

Rocket Rush

Mobile Design Course, NEU, 2012

This is a gamification concept aiming to help young people who are busy with study and work to engage in exercise and sweat within short time.

I drove the concept brainstorming, worked on UI design and collaborated with my partner on Android development.